KeiganMotor is able to learn motion and playback it directly.
The function is called as "Teaching-Playback".
You can do it by hand without any other devices or apps.

After power supply, the basic teaching-playback is as follows.

Teaching motion
#1 Push the record button(circle-shaped). The LED will flash in white if the flash memory area is already used. (If the area is blank, go to #3.)
#2 Push the record button, and the memory area is started to be erased. The LED turns solid in red if erase completed.
#3 Push the record button and recording will be started. Rotate the rotor freely.
#4 Push the stop button(square-shaped) and the recording will be stopped. The maximal recording time is about 2 minutes if you do not use the stop button.
Playback motion
#1 Push the play button(triangle-shaped) and the rotor will move to the starting position.
#2 Make sure that rotation is stopped.
#3 Push the play button and the playback will be started.