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1.79 Download

Refer to this link how to update device firmware.
Check the middle of this video to see how to update device firmware as well.


Revision Desc. Download
  • Bug fix that exceed preset speed in case of the first position control (moveTo, moveBy) after startup
1.79 Download
released on 30/11/2018
  • Improve the smoothness at low speed by increasing torque
  • [Dev]Improve vibration when KM-1 received new position command while doing position control
  • Improve the smoothness when using "Gimbal" function of app "KeiganCore"
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.78 Download
released on 06/11/2018
  • [Dev]Support I2C serial communication
  • Improve stability of Doing Taskset
  • [Dev]"interface" command reflect immediately for only motor or IMU measurement
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.75 Download
released on 15/10/2018
  • Automatic response when receiving read command. (If Motor receive read command via BLE, return response via BLE. USB is the same way.)
  • Add and change some API commands.
  • Bug fix of eraseMotion. (The bug eraseMotion(n) will erase not only index n but also n+1.)
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.66 Download
released on 24/9/2018
  • Implement of Watch dog Timer
  • Bug fix related to Taskset
  • Notify error and LED flash in case of over heat (excess temperature)
1.53 Download
released on 16/7/2018
  • Respond to iOS app KeiganPlay
  • [Dev] Add and edit API. (To Be Written)
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.51 Download
released on 7/7/2018
  • [Dev] Implement repeating and option arguments of "preparePlaybackMotion" command
  • [Dev] Fix a bug that command doesn't work via UART serial communication
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.13 Download
released on 13/3/2018
  • Implement ultra low speed control (0.0001rpm ~ 0.5rpm)
  • Improve position control accuracy (within 0.5 degree at static state)
  • Increase teaching-playback number to 5 by the switches on the body
  • Vibration reduction while playback
  • Add doTaskset function by the switches on the body
  • Specification change of relative position control ("moveByDistance" command)
  • Add LED indication when in the state of busy or error
  • Add factory-reset by the switches
  • [Dev] Implement repeating option of "doTaskset" command
  • [Dev] Fix a bug that "ownColor" command doesn't work
  • [Dev] Bug fix related to receipt of commands
  • Other bug-fixes.
1.12 Download
released on 31/1/2018
1.07 ・Bug fix related to "Moveby" command.
・Bug fix related to KeiganCore app.
1.07 Download
1.06 - Improvement of motion control.
(Improve rotation smoothness at speed in the middle range and reduce high frequency sound by change of the control frequency and adjustment of PID parameters.)
- Advertise the full Device Name (Local Name).
- Fixed other bugs.
- [Dev] Added LED flash indication in red when saveAllRegisters is executed.
1.06 Download
1.03 B - [Dev] Fixed the bug that q-axis current PID parameters is not able to be reset. 1.03 B Download
1.02 B - [Dev] Added echo log as it is when command bytes array is received in case of USB-UART communication.
- [Dev] Added commands to change q-axis current PID parameters.
1.01 - Fixed the BLE connection bug when using iPhone7. 1.01 Download