Device firmware update via BLE

  1. In advance, download and install the nRF Toolbox app, which is available on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).(iphone / Android)
    nRF Toolbox for BLE
    Get it on Google Play
  2. Make the device enter the Bootloader mode for DFU(Device Firmware Update) in the following steps.
    Briefly, power the device while holding down the Play button (triangle-shaped).

    1) While holding down the Play button (triangle-shaped),
    2) Press the Record button (Circle-shaped) more than 2 seconds.
    3) Release the Record button first,
    4) Release the Play button (triangle) second.
    5) The device restart and the device name changes to KM-1 DFU.
    NOTE) The order to press buttons is important.

  3. Open email with the attached firmware zip file.
  4. Long-press the zip file icon, the alert pops. Then tap "Read by nRF Toolbox" and nRF Toolbox launches. (Tap "DFU" icon if needed.)
  5. Scan bootloader around by pressing "SELECT DEVICE".
    Find the device name "KM-1 DFU" or "DFU Targ" and select it.
    NOTE) If the device is not entering bootloader mode, its device name remains like "KM-1 XXXX#RGB".
    The update progress will cancelled in this state.
    In that case, insert and remove USB Type-C cable, while holding down the Play button (triangle-shaped),
  6. Tap "Upload" button to transfer firmware image. The progress bar is displayed.
    Make sure that it reaches 100% and "Upload Complete" appears. The device restarts in normal mode automatically.