Before you start using it, please read our manual carefully. Especially the “Important Safety Instructions” described below is essential to follow, otherwise KeiganMotor might injure a person or damage something.  

・KeiganMotor is a precision device. Do not drop or hit, or it may cause damage to the parts or may cause a malfunction.

・KeiganMotor is NOT water-resistant. Do not immerse into water or do not spill any liquid on KeiganMotor, or it may cause a malfunction.

・KeiganMotor is NOT dustproof. Do not use in any environment with much dust, or it may cause a malfunction.

・It will be hotter than expected in the car in direct sunlight. Do not leave KeiganMotor in such a place, or it may cause a malfunction.

・KeiganMotor consists of precision parts and electric circuits. Do ABSOLUTELY NOT take it apart by yourself, or it may cause trouble or malfunction.

・Do not touch the electrical contacts of KeiganMotor by hand, or it may cause corrosion, which can be the reason of any malfunction.

・If you take KeiganMotor from a cold environment to hot one, water drops may be formed by condensation on internal or external parts. Do not use KeiganMotor when condensation occurs until water drops disappear.

・If you do not use KeiganMotor for a long time, remove a power cable from it and store in a well-ventilated, cool, and dry place. Avoid storing in humid condition, which may cause rust. Also, avoid storing in a place like a laboratory in which chemicals are used, or it may cause rust or corrosion.

・Inspect KeiganMotor before using it if it has not been used for a long time. Depending on the storing condition, it may not work properly due to the deformation of parts.

・Use screws whose length is within the specified range when you fix KeiganMotor. Too long screws may interfere with internal parts and cause trouble.

・Tighten screws with suitable force when you fix KeiganMotor. Excessive force may cause damage to screw threads or other trouble.

・If you bring a magnetic card or device with a magnetic sensor close to the side of KeiganMotor, the data of the card may be lost, or the device may malfunction due to the motor leakage magnetic flux.

・Note that applying a large load to KeiganMotor for a long time or keeping the position for a long time causes generation of heat, which may decrease the performance.

・Remove the power cable from KeiganMotor for carrying. Otherwise, pushing buttons by mistake may cause unexpected working and force being applied to the connector of the cable may cause a malfunction.