KeiganMotor KM-1 can consume 2.2 A(Ampare) current in maximum as it can rotate by even 1 A current.

When battery load is increased, the battery may reset or stop current output.
The following problems may cause when using USB adapters or moblie batteries that cannnot output more than 2.2A in stable condition.

  • Can not output maximum torque (over 0.3N*m (3kgf*cm))
  • Battery itself stops output (Over current protection) .

NOTE) Almost moble batteries stops current output when it detect over current. They will recover if its reset button is pushed.

The above matter may be problem when used for wheel-driving, because sudden braking cause much torque or current consumption.

It may be avoidable by setting acceleration or deceleration curve. But we recommend using mobile batteries which can output more than 2.2 A current.

Manufacturer Product name Capacity Output current
RAVPower RP-PB060 6700mAh 1 port for Max. 2.4A
RAVPower RP-PB052 22000mAh 3 port for Max. 5.8A totally
(Max. 2.4A per 1 port)