• You supply power to KeiganMotor.

  • You turn on Bluetooth, and launch KeiganCore app. It starts from [Pairing] tab.

  • You tap [Scan] button on [Pairing] tab and search for KeiganMotor around.

  • If your device discover KeiganMotor, it will be displayed in the list on [Pairing] tab. The icon color in the list should be the same as the motor's LED color when powered on.

  • You tap the cell of the motor to connect to it.

  • If your device connects to the motor successfully, you tap [Edit] tab and can find the motor icon connected. You can do simple control or operation to tap the motor icon. If you swipe the slider under [Run At Velocity], you make sure that the motor rotates responding to the value.  You can see the position, the speed, and the torque of the motor in real time at the "Measurement Values".  To stop the motor, tap [SEND] button under "Hard Stop".

    InformationYou can do more detail operation such as position control or LED control if you turn on [Show Advanced Module Settings] in [Setting] tab.