KeiganCore is a visual programming app to make robots by connecting block-shaped icons.
As Program using templates uses pre-programmed robot or settings, we program from the beginning here.

How to build a robot with KeiganCore feels like that you connect icons called modules each other intuitively.
Please double-tap any square in [Edit] tab. All modules such as "Input" or "Robot" will appear modally.

Remember the following terms.

  • Module…It means a functional module or an icon in [Edit] tab. It includes "Robot" or "Input".
  • Binder…Connection port which modules have. You build a robot by connecting a binder and another with line. Binder has its own data type and is only connectable when the data type is compatible.
  • Input…It is a kind of module that forms interface in [Play] tab mainly. It communicates with "Robot" or "Motor" interactively that has compatible binder. For example, [XYPad] module convert swipe gesture to numeric value and send it to other modules.
  • Robot…It is a kind of module that calculate data. It communicates with "Robot" or "Motor" interactively that has compatible binder. For example, [2-Wheeled Car] realizes 2-Wheeled Car movement to convert data to

Basic usage

Add a module
To add a module, double-tap a blank square in [Edit] tab. The modules list will appear and select a module.
Move a module
To move a module from current position to another, long-tap the module and drag it to another blank square.
Switch two motors
To switch two motors each other, drag one to the other.
Connection of modules

To connect a module to another, drag and drop the module to another. Then the selectable binders list will appear. Then you can select a binder to connect.
To connect the binder, do the following two steps.

  1. Tap the binder in the list, then icon will appear in the right.
  2. Tap icon to connect, then the background color turns to green.
Binder will not be displayed if it is already connected by other modules.
Binder will be displayed that the background is green if it is already connected.
Adjust Parameters of Module

Modules have their own parameters. It seems to be a kind of guitar effects.

You can do detail operation by adjusting the parameters.

Some parameters can be tested by action promptly. (Preview mode)

To adjust the parameters, do the following two steps.

  1. Tap the module icon and tap [Motor Setting] button.
  2. Adjust them by setting text fields, pickers or sliders.
Program Execution
When you build a robot, you can control it in [Play] tab. "Input" modules are all displayed in [Play] tab.
Modules will be added by application update.

Program Examples

(Example 1)

This video makes a simple programg that control motor with "Go" (Rotate) and "Stop" by pushing [PUSH] button, one of "Input" modules.
In the latter, two motors can be controlled in the same way.

(Example 2)

This is advanced from Example 1. While controlling a motor with "Go" and "Stop" by [PUSH] button, this video controls another motor by using "Gear" module.