Save robot programs

When you restart the app or load other programs, the current program will be overwritten. So please save programs routinely.

  • Overwrite
    Tap [Save] button on the upper left in [Edit] tab and select "Overwrite".
  • Save as
    Tap [Save] button on the upper left in [Edit] tab and select "Save as", then name it.

Share robot programs

You can share the programs between KeiganCore apps of other devices via via DropBox, GoogleDrive or Memo app.

Save in DropBox
  • You name the program to tap [Save] button in [Edit] tab. (The name is "test" in this example.)
  • Tap button in [List] tab to save it in DropBox.
    (Dropbox app is need to be pre-installed.)
Load from DropBox
  • Open DropBox app and "test.keicore.keicore".
    The filename extension "keicore.keicore" is to avoid bug of GoogleDrive and so on.
  • From "export" function of Dropbox, tap "Open with other apps" and select KeiganCore.
  • Then you will find the program on the list.
You can alse use GoogleDrive or other memo apps.
Save and Load with DropBox
Save and Load with GoogleDrive
Save and Load with Memo